Novak Djokovic

One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight. Nine. Ten. Eleven. Twelve. Thirteen. Fourteen.  Fifteen. Sixteen. Seventeen. Early in his career, the most irritating ball bounce in the history of tennis. Changed that. Early in his career, major trouble with heat, breathing problems. Went to a Gluten-free diet. Early in his career seemed dark brooding misunderstood Eastern European never really liked much Ivan Lendl 2.0. Then hilarious imitations of Rafa, of Sharapova, to the US Open crowd at night. Djokovic the Joker. Then perspective, world citizen, graceful speeches after losses in grand slam finals. Then sheer excellence. Eighteen grand slams and counting. No one can hit that one shot he hits when pulled out wide on the backhand side: Gumby backhand impossible power consistency the left leg sliding on harsh concrete its sudden plant slide stability does the left hand provide all that power is it coordination gumby flexibility Chinese acrobats Russian circus performers somehow still able to hit a forcing shot everyone else Everyone else! has to hit a one-handed defensive sliced backhand. Add impeccable movement that squeezes the court on his side. Add the most consistent ever well-struck deep down the middle return off 130 mph serves to begin the point. Add his entire arsenal of powerful, precise ground strokes that rarely miss like all those bombs dropped on Milosevic’s Serbia when Novak as a child searched for a safe, quiet court to play on. 

About Victor Jerez (taken from his website)

For years I have worked in the Port of Algeciras as a stevedore, but it was not those hours of sunshine that illuminated my work; the light bulbs in my garage, late at night they saw me practice my passion: painting movie posters.

Shortly after, I decided to paint live. At the beginning it was in small parties and local events (in Algeciras, Sotogrande…). Then bigger events came and, without realizing it, I saw myself painting George Clooney , Keith Richards or Carlos Jean . 

Sporting event painting came later to stay. Since then I have had the privilege and responsibility of immortalizing, live, figures such as Rafa Nadal ,  Sergio Garcia and  Novak Djokovic . Now I am “The Painter of Athletes.” The future? Keep working on my passion.

You can learn more about Victor Jerez and his great sports art from his website or check out his instagram.

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