Tennis in the Year 3040

La Tenista 3040 is prepared to play in two realms at once: 1) the year 3040 2) the mythological past.

The Year 3040: A warming planet, biological weapons, alternate realities, cyborg cities . . .  La Tenista 3040 is prepared. Like those insects crawling over the melting of time in Salvadore Dali’s Persistence of Memory, La Tenista 3040’s eight biomorphic buttons and four biomorph tassels—two for each shoe–will survive any future that may not contain the human race. Hardly any flesh on 3040’s arms and legs. Easy to add an AI chip, a bit of superior machinery. Bodies reconstructed, enhanced. His shoes suggest flight in the form of rocket ships, so he can scoot with the best of them, get to any ball, escape any situation on court or off. His emotionless poker face (vaguely reminiscent of those Byzantine saints that transcend time) gives nothing away while his giant orejas take in scraps of information: how other tenistas are preparing, what new technologies are afoot . . .

The Mythological Realm: Since the creator of La Tenista 3040 is Spanish, he imbued his creation with the secrets of the Spanish Style: Miro, Picasso, Dali, Velazquez, Suffering, Sweat, Topspin. . . In the Spanish style of tennis, you train to hit so many balls in the blazing sun (even hotter in 3040) that you might enter into a mythic realm beyond the body while training the body/mind for whatever it might face. Like the almost mythological Rafa 2020, La Tenista 3040’s spider man strings help him hit so much topspin he can win any match on clay. La Tenista 3040’s strings come from both male and female, from Spider man and Grandmother Spider. Grandmother Spider (Cherokee) who stole a piece of the sun, stored it in clay, shared it with a world of darkness. La Tenista 3040 remembers it all. He gives thanks for the clay we walk on, the sun that warms it. He gives thanks for hitting balls with a partner. Tennis, he knows, must never become a mindless game played by cyborgs.

Artist Bio (Half in English, Half in Spanish): Director of Tennis at the Escuelas Tenis Real Club, Jorge Mir Mayor is one of the leading teachers and commentators on tennis in Spain. He is the host of a great program called “Otra Mirada al Tenis” on Instagram. Over thc course of 30 years as a director of tennis in Spain, Jorge Mir Mayor has received the following honor and awards. He realizado conferencias para la Real federación de Tenis en dos congresos nacionales. Premio al Mejor profesional de tenis de España por el RPT. Premio al mejor director de tenis de España por el RPT. Premio al mejor club de tenis de España por el RPT. Premio por la Federación Vasca de Tenis como director del ITF 25000 masculino y 25000 femenino. Homenaje de la Federación Vasca de Tenis a mí trayectoria en el país vasco. Homenaje de la Real federación española de tenis por iniciativa durante el covid de entrevistar y ayudar a la enseñanza con el programa Otra mirada al tenis.

Of his painting of “La Tenista 3040,” Jorge writes: “Tenista del año 3040 entrenando el servicio con la nueva raqueta Babolat y con el cordaje araña con sensores de viento de la marca Spiderman.” 

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