Ons Jabeur and the Arab World, Art by Colacat

Headline: Ons Jabeur Becomes the First Arab Woman to Break into the World’s Top Ten

Young Arab women in 22 countries practice Ons Jabeur drop shots of outrageous height and spin. It’s about having the right feel. It’s about having soft hands. Girls in Tunisia and Algeria practice tweeners and trick shots like the one in Colacat’s portrait. Girls in Iran and Iraq learn to dictate points instead of waiting to see what happens. A girl in Bahrain becomes proud of her body, her two strong arms. She starts lifting weights as girls in Egypt do planks in the sand and a girl in Syria tells her grandmother about Ons Jabeur. They watch a match together. They laugh, they shout, they cry. In one girl’s room in Somalia, the harm and hurt of social media turns soothing, spiritual. Ons on Instagram and Ons on twitter: big hugs and smiles with opponents after matches. Girls in Yemen and Jordan and Morocco think others might be friends, not enemies.

Artist Bio: This portrait of Ons Jabeur is by Cat Lee (Colacat). A self-taught artist, she produces a wide variety of popular art on tennis. You can check out her tennis art and products on her website. You can also follow her on Instagram or Twitter.

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