Players Party at Baton Rouge

All the lines below are from 60-85 year old senior tennis players and their significant others.

“Bone on bone.”

“Both hips replaced.”

“Bet this is the healthiest group of seniors in the country.”

“We drive our RV together to tournaments, listen to books on Audible.”

“I play for Chile at the Worlds this year.”

“I love Shakespeare’s plays, but I don’t understand contemporary poetry when it doesn’t rhyme. I much prefer prose.”

“Grandson getting married.”

“Daughter getting married.”

“Did you bring your guitar?”

“Have not seen a hunchback for years, or are you icing your shoulder?”

“One exercise you can do is move your shoulders back and forward like Shakira.” She demonstrates.  “That is my husband’s favorite exercise.”

“Wife passed away five months ago.”

“I worked as a secretary for forever. That’s all they let women do. Got my Doctorate at 43. Retired at 67.”

“So when are you going to retire, Tomas?”

 “I’ll retire at 95. Win a gold ball, too, when I’m 95, when most of you are no longer around.”

“Hey, that’s my dream.”

“It’s not just the play. It’s the players, too.”

About The Bocage Racquet Club (from their website): Bocage is a member owned club that features twenty Hydro Court clay tennis courts and two hard courts, fitness center, pro shop, restaurant and bar, swimming pool, and clubhouse facilities. Since 1968 Bocage has been host to a USTA National Senior Tennis tournament with prize money and attracts players from all over the country. The “Players Party” described above was from this year’s National Senior Tennis Tournament. Bocage has also been the recipient of the United States Tennis Association Outstanding Racquet Club of Louisiana Award.

In 1971 Bocage had 4 of the top 10 players in the world Rod Laver, John Newcomb, Cliff Drysdale, and Roy Emerson come for a special prize money tournament. Rod Laver beat Roy Emerson in the finals. John Newcomb was a 7 time grand slam champion, ranked number one in the world in 1971, and was also the Wimbledon champion that year. Rod Laver was an 11 time Grand Slam champion. Cliff Richey had 45 tournament titles in his career and Roy Emerson was a 12 time Grand Slam champion!

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