Tennis Mulligans and Special Needs in Northwest Arkansas

I double faulted on an important point in a doubles match last weekend. Usually a moment of some agony (few tennis players are intentionally charitable), I smiled at my opponents instead. “Mulligan,” I cried out. (I had purchased 5 mulligans before the match.) So happy to have another serve, I barely thought of all the good work the tournament’s 200 participants and their many mulligans for their many double faults might do: each mulligan raised another 5 dollars to bring a “special, play-based tennis curriculum to athletes with special needs in Northwest Arkansas.” This is the work of Center Court Tennis, who was putting on their annual fund-raising tournament at Summerhill Racquet Club. Our match was close and intensely competitive, yet the frequent mulligans brought big smiles to the faces of those that used them. A second or third or fourth chance at life. That’s what everyone needs.

Special thanks to the players from the University of Arkansas Tennis Team who put on an exhibition during the event. Let’s all get out and support them this year.

More pics from last weekend at Summerhill Racquet Club:

About Center Court Tennis (from their website): Center Court Tennis is a nonprofit organization with a focus on inclusion and the celebration of God’s unique design for every person. We believe that anyone can learn and benefit from the wonderful lifetime sport of tennis. We are excited to bring a special, play-based tennis curriculum to athletes with special needs in Northwest Arkansas.

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