Daniil Medvedev, The Octopus

Thought Experiment: Push the thesis that Medvedev is an Octopus.

Medvedev the Octopus because he’s 6 feet 6 inches of pretzel boneless arms and legs moving in every direction, swirling out deep and deeper behind the baseline. His greatest skill is defense. You cannot hit through him. You cannot hit around him. You have to lure him forward. Or come forward yourself.   

Medvedev the Octopus because he’s always changing patterns of play much like the Octopus changes colors. Few understand their changes. Medvedev the Octopus because his arms and legs seem to operate independently of a central brain. Neurons everywhere, so that each appendage can process information, improvise its own jazz solos as it encounters the ever changing world of each tennis ball or opponent that comes his way.

Medvedev the Octopus because he’s most at home in his sea of memes.  When he wins in the quarters at the US Open, he does the squidward dance. When he wins the US Open Title, he does the dead fish celebration.

The Medvedev Dead Fish Celebration After Winning the US Open. Source:

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4 replies on “Daniil Medvedev, The Octopus”

You are so right & he’s fascinating to watch. Someone like Djokovic is a shade tougher because he’s more under control but seeing them compete is a real treat.

Thanks for the comment, Buddy. Agree with you. He is fascinating to watch. And though Djokovic is little better, it is a treat to watch Djokovic and Medvedev play. Djokovic knows how to lure him forward. He also knows how to come in himself.

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