“Tennis Muse,” Art by Sara Lora

“The ‘Tennis Muse’ painting depicts the Imperial Age statue of the Torlonia Nymph with a sport-inspired detail—a hat atop her head. The juxtaposition of the classical statue with the sporty accessory creates an intriguing blend of ancient and contemporary themes, capturing the essence of dedicated athletes immersed in their mental preparation before a competition.”—Sara Lora

Off in the distance, the music begins. Somewhere a drum, the body’s rhythms. A satyr and nymph join hands. Dance of the forests, the stars. Whatever the game is, whatever it means, it’s about to begin. Nadal’s pregame rituals hint at prehistory, a time when the hunt was all. What was a game face for the Mayans? A silent ritual for the Greeks? The psyche’s a new idea, the soul has not yet been invented. The nymph tells us the body is beautiful. The will or the mind controls it as once we thought the gods controlled us. Every artist, every athlete, never knows precisely what a muse or a god might be. The meaning of music that’s always on the tip of the tongue.

Artist Bio (from her website):

Born in Vicenza, Italy, Sara Lora discovered her love for art early on, exploring painting, mixed media sculptures, and decorative vase work. She began crafting clothing at age 10.

After relocating to Milan at 18 for architecture studies, she transitioned into the fashion industry. Notably, she worked as a designer for prestigious brands such as Giorgio Armani and Louis Vuitton.

Her artistic journey is intertwined with a passion for artistic roller skating. Commencing at 6, she achieved significant milestones, securing the Italian championship at 11 and a global triumph at 16 with the Trissino-based New Age skating team. Although she had to set skating aside for education and career, its influence remained profound.

In 2020, she sought to adorn her new home with art. Failing to find pieces resonating with her experiences, she began painting, fusing classical art’s enduring beauty with her athletic passion.

The “We ART the Champions” series emerged, fusing classic icons with sports elements.

Her mixed media art encapsulates athletes’ grace, strength, and movement in a blend of classical and contemporary styles. As a former roller figure skating world champion, her artwork draws on personal athletic experiences to vividly convey the physical and emotional intensity of sports.

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