“Play,” Art by MaRICHka Shkuro

Four Interpretations

1) “Play” as promotional poster. Tennis ball as world globe. Tennis as world sport. Tennis a rocket ship among the stars and planets, its popularity soaring.

2)  “Play” as in the mind of Nietszche, the earth hurtling itself through space. “What did we do when we unchained the earth from its sun? Whither is it moving now? Whither are we moving now?”

3) “Play” as in theatre, the theatre of war. The planet’s on fire. Cinders everywhere. Conflict sells. Cooperation loses to algorithms. The war in Ukraine. The artist herself is Ukranian. Three former top Ukranian tennis players–Sergiy Stakhovsky, Alexandr Dolgopolov, Andrei Medvedev–now carry rifles in their hands.  

4) “Play” as Art, Creativity, Fun, Friendship, Childhood, Hopscotch, Marbles, Tennis.

Artist Bio: MaRICHka Shkuro was born in Kiev, Ukraine 1990.  Personal statement: As an artist painting for me is a tool for expressing feelings and experiences. My vision and soul manifest themselves on the canvas and find a response in the viewer’s heart through vibrations embedded in the energy of the painting. For more on MaRICHka Shkuro and her art check out and her InstagramFor a good article on her work, check out Shoutout Miami.  

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