Djokovic’s GOAT Win Over Nadal, Art by Phetru

“Me trying to cover the court,” Djokovic says after seeing Phetru’s Shrinking Hype of him playing—and beating–Rafa in the 2021 French Open, arguably the greatest win of his career. “I’m dying at these,” says another. “Warm and fuzzy,” says one. Small, smaller, and smaller still. Phetru’s Shrinking Hypes a laughing gas way back machine to childhood. Make us small. Make us small. Me too. Me too. Make us laugh laughter louder across shared rooms. Look at that guy. Djoker so big, so important, he’s small. That’s what we aspire to be.  

Oscar Hinojosa (Phetru), Shrinking Hype of Novak Djokovic with 2021 French Open Trophy

Artist Bio: The Mexican artist Oscar Hinojosa (better known as “Phetru”) is a digital creator most famous for creating the “Shrinking Hype.” You can check out his hilarious shrinking hype images on his incredibly popular Instagram page here: Phetru.

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