Bianca Andreescu, Art by Scott Kish

Dynamism of a cross-court backhand. Power, pace, direction. Bianca’s arms muscles legs Scott Kish’s brushstrokes flying right and left black purple and white in lines and arcs and physics of movement. No photo no video might live so fully inside where the body was and where it’s going. Each wildly controlled black line an echo an expression of Bianca’s core Bianca’s torso like Apollo’s torso in Rilke’s eyes as it “bursts from inside like a thousand stars,” launches its yellow missile at 90 mph six inches from the line in the 2019 US Open final, Serena watching its comet tale blaze, the stars the fates knitting and unknitting Bianca’s seemingly infinite progression of injuries–knee shoulder arm foot ankle . . .–until until sadly, maybe, Bianca herself might be a comet or shooting star.

This painting of Bianca Andreescu is by Scott Kish (bio below.)

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